Meet the Artisans

Curious to meet the makers of your bag and see how it was made?

A group of Nepali textile artisans stand in a row smiling, with dressmakers measuring tapes around their necks.

Our brand partners


Woven is social enterprise based in Pokhara, Nepal that was established in 2016.

The founder, Anup Khadka was inspired to establish Woven following his 10 years working for WSDO (Women's Skills Development Organization).

Following the principles of WSDO (established by his mother - founder of WSDO, Ramkali Khadka), the social enterprise's aim is to empower economically disadvantaged women from rural Nepal.

Woven artisans are given free vocational skill trainings and a job facility to become self supportive.

All Woven products are hand made in Pokhara, Nepal, from materials sourced locally where possible, to minimise the negative environmental impact and support the local Nepali economy. The iconic woven cotton fabric is sourced from WSDO and the nettle fabric that compliments it comes from a women's cooperative in Salija Village, Maygdi, Nepal.


Women’s Skills Development Organization (WSDO) has a history spanning over 40 years. 

WSDO trains and employs women artisans that face difficult and significant social and economic hardships—being differently abled, abused, widowed, divorced, single, orphaned or of marginalized castes.

These women are given free vocational skill training in each of the different steps of making WSDO products. They are also trained in business management and various other skills related to the handicrafts industry.

All of this is meant to enable them to plan for the future and become self-supportive.

Our partnership with WSDO allows us to offer a fully vegan alternative to Koseli customers.

WSDO source the cotton for their fabrics from India (mostly from fair trade raw material, but also from non-fair trade suppliers who are from disadvantaged and economically challenged backgrounds). The allo wool is produced from nettle growing in the foothills of the Himalayas.


Every purchase improves the lives of WSDO & Woven's makers by supporting their crafts and providing a fair and stable income. We welcome you to become part of their story - shop with your values and give gifts with social meaning!

Photo collage of the Woven textile artisans sewing, posing with bags and staining leather