Team Koseli

Koseli | कोसेली | koʊseɪli:

(n.): A gift unique to a foreign place given as a token of love and respect.


Koseli was founded to share some of the exquisite artistry from Nepal to the world. We mostly deal in natural fibers such as cashmere and hemp. We try to practice fair and ethical supply chains, and ensure that our makers are paid a fair wage to practice their craft in a safe and social working environment.

Inspired by Australia and Nepal

Koseli is a coming together of worlds. Both Australia and Nepal are epitomised by the landscapes, lifestyle and colorful character of the people. There is a strong connection with nature and a joyful attitude towards life.




Hails from Kathmandu, Nepal.Originally coming into Australia to pursue a double Masters' in Information Systems and International Business Administration from Deakin University, Pratik fell in love with the country, lifestyle and the people here, and thus decided to extend his stay indefinitely. He is currently working in the Higher Education sector, having previously worked in delivering the landmark nbn connectivity project across Melbourne.

During his stay here, Pratik has identified that certain Nepali products were quite popular among the locals, and so Koseli was set up to share some of Nepal to Australia. He looks after strategy, partnerships and daily operations of of Koseli.



Born and brought up in Gympie, Queensland, Cai is in their element when out and about in nature. They are an avid lover of fantasy and mythology, and also very knowledgeable in the arts and society, having studied drama at Queensland University of Technology before moving to Melbourne to finish a Bachelors degree in Sociology from Deakin University.

Cai heads the media and communications at Koseli. They have also identified a few charities in Australia and Nepal towards which Koseli will be donating a percentage of proceeds.



Koseli is proud to have Diwas as an experienced change-maker. Serial entrepreneur at heart, he is never afraid of any challenge - preferring to face them with empathy and gratitude. As Koseli's core connection in Nepal, Diwas leads us towards sourcing the high-quality products we are fortunate to offer.

Diwas's friendly personality and charm is critical to connect with our suppliers at a human level. This way, we ensure that our products are made by suppliers that treat workers fairly and source/manufacture in a naturally conscious, fair and ethical manner.