Pre Order

This is a Pre-Order for our 'Ranju' crossbody bags - new stock coming in to be out for delivery in late November from Melbourne, Australia.

All our products are hand-made and limited-run, and we are offering our Australian customers the chance to order in advance at 25% lower price.

Pre-orders can choose from our 3 best-selling Ranju bags in Cloudy White Rainbow, Forest Green Rainbow, and Black&White Houndstooth:

Click here to be directed to our Etsy store and buy yours now.


►The bags are expected to ship out from our Melbourne location in late November 2022 (pending their arrival in Australia from Nepal).

►The pre-orders will close on the 11th of November 2022 for this arrival - we will then list the remaining stock at our standard pricing.

►Our pre-order customers can expect to be updated when the stock is shipped from Nepal, when it arrives in Australia, and when their orders are fulfilled and shipped to their Australian address.

► The images of the Cloudy White and Forest Green variations are from our previous shipment - please note it is the colour of the vertical strands that we referring to when we list a colour for our "Rainbow" fabrics. The specific patterns for both variations in this pre-order shipment will differ from the patterns in the images.


If you have any questions please reach out to us using the form below:

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